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The Pet Litter Revolution made from recycled paper!

Due to the excellent product features of recycled paper, BACK TO LIFE® is the most sustainable pet litter with best properties for animals, humans and environment. We think it the best way of sustainability.

Saves the environment and health

BACK TO LIFE® with nearly dust-free pellets is a result of the mild production procedure without any chemicals or additives. We never found a so extreme absorbing and odour-absorbing paper-based pet litter. BACK TO LIFE® saves the health of humans and animals due to minimal dust and the excellent hygiene. The specially formulated pellets reduce tracking costs. Do you know that we save resources when using 1 tonne recycled paper: 17 trees, 160 kg lime, 227.000 liters water, 125 kg sulfur, 4000 kg water steam, 225 kWh und 2,5 m² landfill space*.

Low consumption

The ability to absorb a great volume of fluids BACK TO LIFE® also has a low consumption. Due to the specially formulated pellets we have very soft pellets – and an economical consumption. The wet pellets stay in form and nearly nether diverge.

Easy handling and disposal

The „Easy-to-open“ -Packages allow an easy filling of the pet cage – controlling the quantity. The pellets are light and can be carried e.g. on a bicycle. The pellets are formstable and enable an easy handling. Another advantage is the low use of detergents.  The used litter can be used as mulch – even the packaging can be sent for recycling.

Our tip: especially suitable for cat toilets!
Available in 10 and 30 Liter packs in your pet food market.

Do you still have questions?

Don’t hesitate and contact us by email: info@hugro.de


* Source: The Public Recycling Officials of Pennsylvania, USA (1995)